This is the home of the Zsa-Zsa Duo, two San Francisco- based

Hungarian-American musicians, who 
passionately love to play music from Eastern Europe and beyond!

 Contact us:  (510) 964-7798 

Our next performance will be at the Bernal Star Restaurant's "The Cottage" on Saturday June 23, 2018.

When:  7 - 9 PM
Where: behind 410 Cortland Ave**
San Francisco, CA 94110
near Bennington, in Bernal Heights

**Entrance is just to the right of Bernal Star, under the "Cinema" sign, through the long outdoor hallway.

The restaurant features organic salads, burgers, pizza.

We'll be playing our music indoors, behind the patio area.

Reservations -- (415) 695-8777 Ask for "The Cottage".

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